About Us

Hello and welcome to my website and shop. Here you will find my range of hand dyed yarn and fibre for spinning. Little Acorn Crafts is a UK based business started from a love of knitting, crochet and all things craft.  In my shop you will find a selection of unique gift ideas for someone who has a love of creating already or is just starting to venture out into the knitting or crochet world.  My aim is to source all my  natural fibres for spinning and other crafts from UK based sources and am starting to work closely with local farmers.

I have always been a keen crafter, but things lapsed a bit when I had my children and there weren’t just enough hours in the day.  In the last few years my passion for crafting was reignited with the discovery of fibre related arts and crafts.


The newly found passion stems from me acquiring a rescue dog called Cotton.  When we first met him he was a very scruffy looking puppy. This was due to the neglect he had encountered whilst roaming the streets for an unknown length of time.  Because his fur was so badly matted he had to be shaved. This was something he did not enjoy and this resulted in a really bad haircut.  After a few months his fur started to grow back and we started to be engulfed in mountains of white fluff.  During his regular brushes we were able to accumulate a lot of fur. This led me to wonder if there was any way of using it, as it was so beautifully soft.  After doing some research on Samoyeds and I then discovered that Samoyed wool was used to make clothing during World War 2.


This then inspired me to start thinking about spinning and I promptly bought a drop spindle and some wool to spin with. My attempts at using the drop spindle weren’t very successful, so I eventually gave up.  This didn’t stop me thinking about spinning though and I would quite often drive my husband mad if we went to any country shows or fetes, looking at the woolly animals on display and talking to anybody who worked with their fibre.

Things went quiet for a bit and I continued with my knitting and took up crochet, then we were on a visit to Yorkshire and I quietly asked my husband if we could possibly stop off at a place called Wingham Wool as we were nearby just to have a look at spinning wheels.  Luckily this visit was close to Christmas and my husband didn’t have too many ideas of what to get me, so somehow a new spinning wheel ended up in the boot of the car.  (I have to say I was a very good girl and did wait until Christmas day to play with my new toy.)

Since the arrival of my wheel, my passion for all things fibre has really taken off.  I have learned to spin beautiful yarn with my Samoyed’s wool and it is extremely soft and light and dyes really well (and no it doesn’t smell of dog). I have joined a Spinning, Weavers and Dyers Guild, which has led me to acquire new skills and passions in the form of weaving, felting and dyeing. This has led me to setting up my own business to pass on my passion to others and to have a sales outlet for all the items I keep creating.


I also run workshops to help inspire other people to find a craft they are passionate about. More information about tailored 1 to 1 and small groups (up to 4 people) workshops can be found on my workshop/tuition page. Fabulous Fibreistas is another workshop business I run with my friend Sam where we offer workshops for larger groups.

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