Hand Dyed Yarn

Welcome to Little Acorn Crafts, the place to find a selection of hand dyed yarn from the UK. In my range of hand dyed yarn you will find a selection of sock yarn. This includes 4 ply and 6 ply. The 6 ply yarn bases is from the popular brand Opal. I also have 4 ply bases from Opal and Shachenmeyer Regia. You will also find a selection double knit weight on a variety of bases. My love of a variety of fibre based crafts, which include spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting and crochet, has led me to develop my dyeing and workshop business in my home studio based in Wiltshire. My studio is where my family and friends will often find me gazing out of the windows watching the birds, squirrels and changing seasons (purely for colour inspiration, of course). I usually have the company of my dog, Cotton, who spends most of his time watching out for the pesky squirrels who tease him on a regular basis.